In an interview on Setanta Sports, former Gunners legend Tony Adams stated that he would love to come back to Arsenal in any capacity. Adams was Captain at Arsenal through most of his career, and is now number two to Harry Redknapp at Portsmouth.

“I love the club, it was part of my life for so many years and if anyone at Arsenal wants to invite me back, I’m willing to give it a shot. I’m fully prepared and willing to do what I have to do.”

Adams led Arsenal from the back, and it is clear that some of his defensive qualities have rubbed off at Portsmouth.

“I just feel that people don’t realise that the best back four win the league. The last two seasons Manchester United have had the best back four and, before that, John Terry and his men were fantastic for two years. We’ve kept more clean sheets at Portsmouth than Arsenal have, but I’m not going to question the great man [Wenger].”

The Gunners have had problems at the back this season, so whether Arsene Wenger would see this as an offer to help remains to be seen.

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